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    CLARION Radio Code

    Get my Clarion car radio code back!

    Order by entering the serial number of your Clarion car radio below and quickly receive your Clarion car radio code by email to listen to the music in your car again!

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    BECKER Radio Code

    <h3>Récupérer mon code autoradio Becker !</h3>
    Passez commande en saisissant ci-dessous le numéro de série de votre autoradio Becker et recevez rapidement votre <strong>code autoradio Becker</strong> par email pour écouter à nouveau la musique dans votre voiture !

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    Philips Radio Code

    Get my Philips car radio code back!

    Order by entering the serial number of your Philips car radio below and quickly receive your Philips car radio code by email to listen to the music in your car again!

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How can I receive my radio code?

Once purchased, we decode your radio, then email you your unlock code and all the necessary instructions to help you. Most radio decodings are displayed instantly after verification, 99% of our radio codes are delivered within the hour. However, some specialized codes may take longer.

How do I find the serial number of my radio?

In some cases, you can display the serial number of your radio on the screen by pressing buttons 1 and 6 or 2 and 6 together. Otherwise, you will have to remove your radio using the clamps, with the serial number on the top or side of the radio unit. For more information, visit your vehicle's page.

Automotive news

The car radio that asks again a car radio code is one of the frequent problems encountered by many of us. The car radio code is deactivated once the car battery is disconnected during repair or replacement. This blocks the car radio thus requesting a pin code (Volkswagen & Audi) or a password to be able to restart. In this case, to unlock it, you need to retrieve your radio code Contact your garage or dealer. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, the car radio code can also be retrieved online through

Following a battery change, how to find the activation code or unlock code of an SUV's touch screen to listen to music. This one is not in the manual, nor the service book, so how to find the code or how to recover the code without going to a dealership or downloading the car radio software or disassembling or disconnecting the radio? le service de déblocage d’autoradio en ligne !

Several websites offer its services in car radio decoding in order to provide the radio code necessary to operate the car radios of any car brand such as Renault, Ford or Nissan. These offers are not only the best, but also instantaneous, since in just a few clicks the problem is solved with The car radio code immediately obtained is the original car radio code supplied by the manufacturer the first time the vehicle is driven out of the vehicle.

In order to be able to give you your radio station code, the service uses a calculator. It is a software that calculates and decodes the serial numbers of the car radio and highlights the corresponding car radio code. The computer can generally support several brands of car radios and the radio codes obtained are for life.

However, in case you lose your car radio code, it also offers recovery options. The decoding is done in the databases of these companies or by special decoding tools that can resume the process in case of loss.

How do I get the serial numbers of my car radio?

Many customers are not satisfied with the services offered by garages and dealerships. In addition, they are very expensive and time-consuming, while online service is cheap and fast. If you prefer to connect and collect your car radio code online, you must acquire the serial numbers of your car radio, because without them it is impossible to receive your Opel or Blaupunkt radio code.

Car radio serial numbers are usually written on the label on the top or side of the car radio case. Others are engraved on its metal or are displayed on the screen by pressing a few buttons. To be able to record them, you just have to remove the car radio from its place by unscrewing it on each side, then extract it. Retrieve the serial numbers and bring them back online to receive your car radio code by email.

In case you are unable to do so, it is also possible to search online by consulting the page of the website corresponding to the model of your car radio or the manufacturer of the Seat or Skoda type car. To facilitate the extraction of the car radio, there are also extraction keys designed to prevent damage and which can be purchased in several physical or online shops.