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Here are the necessary steps to find your Audi car radio code 

Step 1 - Removing your Audi car radio

Audi car radio, find the serial number
Audi car radio, find the serial number

Audi radios must be removed from the dashboard to access the Audi serial number.

To do this, simply press the radio unlock buttons, which releases the radio unit.

Once removed, each Audi stereo unit carries a label with the serial numbers printed on it.

Step 2 - What is my Audi serial number?

Audi car radio serial number
Audi car radio serial number

All Audi radio serial numbers are made up of 14 digits and letters, for example AUZ3Z2F1234567.

Take note of the serial number and enter it in our form below.

Our team will send you your Audi car radio pin code by email as soon as possible.

Serial number for Audi Navigation Plus car radios

Audi Navigation Plus serial number
Audi Navigation Plus serial number

The serial number of the Audi navigation system is displayed on the screen, the serial number is not printed on the label on the back or engraved on the frame.

Take note of the "AUZ" series and enter the information to get your Audi pin code today.

If the serial number does not appear at the bottom of your screen, it means that the radio has been interchanged with another Audi vehicle and is not compatible.

The latest AUDI car radio code commands

  • Serial number = AUZ1Z3K6035206 -> code = 0053
  • Serial number = AUZ1Z3G1836527 -> code = 0716
  • Serial number = AUZBZ7F1146215 -> code = 0287
  • Serial number = Auzbz7h4402634 -> code = 1619
  • Serial number = AUZ2Z3A1083855 -> code = 1635
  • Serial no. = AUZBZ7F0990639 -> code = 1461
  • Serial no. = AUZBZ7L7000002 -> code = 1404
  • Serial no. = AUZ1Z3G9129579 -> code = 1245
  • Serial no. = AUZBZ7J4109355 -> code = 1851
  • Serial no. = AUZ2Z3C1283655 -> code = 1715
  • Serial no. = AUZ1Z3G9126112 -> code = 1420
  • Serial no. = AUZ1Z1B6328273 -> code = 0714
  • Serial no. = AUZ1Z3W5941102 -> code = 1655
  • Serial number = AUZ1Z3I51586684 -> code = 1819
  • Serial no. = AUZ2Z3C1694345 -> code = 0404
  • Serial no. = AUZ1Z1H8208490 -> code = 0218
  • Serial no. = AUZ1Z1A4937877 -> code = 0718
  • Serial no. = AUZ2Z3A1148974 -> code = 0340
  • Serial no. = AUZ2Z3A1117536 -> code = 1336
  • Serial no. = AUZ1Z1A4930234 -> code = 0631
  • Serial no. = AUZ1Z2L2034591 -> code = 0783

Presentation of the Audi brand

The Audi brand is a German brand. It has a very specific history and is in fact the association of 4 manufacturers. Hence this symbol that we all see on Audi cars. It is 4 major manufacturers are: Audi, DKW, HORCH and WANDERERER. The main owner of the Audi project was August Hoch, who carried it out on July 16, 1909. This is where the brand was born.

Audi a brand revolution

The car brand was initially categorized as luxury in market terms. But since 1965, it has been used in all sectors of activity. The real turning point came when the well-known group Volkswagen bought the brand. The great man of history Kark Piëch will contribute to the brand's rise in all areas. This man is the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, a well-known brand that bears this name. This great character took part in the creation of the great cars 911 and flat 6. These are cars that are admired by real car enthusiasts. These are classic cars known for their agility and speed. Kark Piëch left Porsche and joined Audi in 1972, becoming its director in 1975. Its main innovations cover all areas of the car: a new bodywork, new engines, the quatro transmission. Audi gains in popularity and obtains the status of a sports car. The brand has twice been world champion in rallies. The first sports car is the Audi coupé quatro.

Unlocking the Audi car radio code

Not only in the field of racing, but also in the field of marketing, the accessories are provided by the company. When blocking radio stations, there is a practical way to solve the problem.
The company Audi will provide the car radio code in the event of the car radio being blocked. For audio radio unlocking, the serial number of the audio unit must first be obtained. To get it, there are different ways. For some types of radios, they must be removed using the radio extraction keys that can be found in stores or online. For others, there's a combination you have to do to get it.
Once we have the number, we have to enter it on the site. They'll email the code so we can do the radio audio unlock. So, you will now have to press the codes and validate them to unlock the Audi station.

Further information

Compatible Audi models

A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, Q2, Q3, Q5, TT