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Here are the necessary steps to find your Ford car radio code 

Without dismantling the car radio

Ford 6000CD car radio serial number

Car radio code ford series V
Car radio code ford series V

Hold down buttons 1 and 6. The series "V' or "M" is displayed towards the end. For example V123456 or M123456
If the serial number does not appear, try holding down buttons 2 and 6 and look for a serial number starting with the letter'M'. If neither works, please refer to the disassembly method below.

Ford SONY car radio serial number

Car radio code ford series sony
Car radio code ford series sony

Press and hold the preselection keys 1 and 6 for 2 to 3 seconds, the screen will display different information, the serial number starts with "SN" or "SOCD" and then the your M or V code at the end.

Ford 4500 RDS car radio serial number

Ford car radio code ford series 4500 RDS
Ford car radio code ford series 4500 RDS

This radio model displays the serial number by pressing buttons 2 & 6, which displays an "M" serial number.

With disassembly of the radio

C7 and BP series ford car radio code
C7 and BP series ford car radio code
Car radio code ford series M
Car radio code ford series M
Car radio code ford series V
Car radio code ford series V

It is very easy to remove your Ford car radio. You will need a set of unlocking keys (PC5-132). These are inexpensive (between 3 and 5 €).

Once you have the Ford radio's unlocking keys, push them into the 4 holes in each corner of the radio, apply light pressure and the radio will exit the dashboard. The radio label will be affixed to one side or the back of the radio.

The serial numbers start from V/M/BP/C7 for example V123456. The Ford TravelPilot model is slightly different, for example C73F0961 C 0536857.

An exciting Ford story

The history of this brand is based on the dedication and passion of a young boy named Henry Ford. In 1875, the future mechanical engineer had his small workshop and worked on a small steam engine. At 15 years old, the steam engine is running, it demonstrated its capabilities as a future mechanical engineer. He became an apprentice mechanic in Detroit, but he remained a peasant continuing his usual life.

The Ford brand will see its success

Continuing in the mechanical field, he remained an apprentice mechanic for 3 years and returned home to practice what he had learned. He's doing some repairs at home.
A fascinating turn of events is taking place. In 1891, he became an engineer at the " Edison Illuinating Company ". It will now focus on internal combustion engines.
Henry Ford was then able to produce his first car at a good price, easy to drive and very durable, even very practical. This sensational invention was made in 1908.
The successful lineage continues with his son Edsel in 1919 who is his descendant and successor.
Moments of glory followed with the Golden Jubilee of the American automotive industry in 1946. There is also the gold medal of the American automotive industry.

Following a battery change in winter, I couldn't retrieve the code to unlock the original bluetooth radio in a Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus or Dodge.

No need to go to the dealership or the garage to enter the code of your car radio or your car registration, maintenance book or manual thanks to our generator.

Ford Radio Car Unlock

Ford is present in all market areas. Indeed, it has its presence in accessories such as the Ford car radio.
But in the event of a blockage, as with the Renault brand, how can the radio  be made to work again? We have to go to car dealerships. Worry is the price you pay. Plus, there's an unbearable line-up. The site is a site that quickly provides the Ford car radio code that you need to type to do the Ford car radio unlock.
Before you can get the Ford car radio code, you have to have the radio serial number. To do this, remove the radio using the radio removal keys or press preset buttons 1 and 6 or 2 and 6 to display it directly on the screen. The serial number can be found in the middle or above the radio. This number starts with either V/M/BP/C7.
We enter the number on the site and give the email address to receive the Ford car radio unlock code. Finally, the 4-digit code must be pressed when the code request message appears. Press button 5 or enter and the radio is on.

Further information

Compatible Ford models

C-Max, Fiesta, Focus, Galaxy, Ka, Kuga, Mondéo, Mustang, S-Max, Tourneo