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How do I find the serial numbers of a Philips car radio?

The latest Philips car radio code orders

  • PEUGEOT serial number = 2RC200/65 TOE125 FD1001239318906 -> code = 1326
  • PEUGEOT serial number = 22RC200/65 T0G838 FD0599459085958 -> code = 5524
  • PEUGEOT serial number = 22rc200/65 Ton538 FD0399419072829 -> code = 2411
  • CITROEN serial number = 22RC465/35 FD 0298169077976 -> code = 6144
  • CITROEN serial number = 22rc465/35s Fd05991380108 Phacdfx8080108 -> code = 6341