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How to find the pre-code or serial number of a Renault car radio?

Here are the necessary steps to find your Renault car radio code 

Without disassembling the radio

precode without disassembly Renault
precode without disassembly Renault

Press buttons 1 and 5 on the Renault car radio and turn on the radio or with buttons 1 and 6 if the Renault precode is not displayed.

By removing the radio from the dashboard

Autoradio renault
Renault car radio
Renault car radio precode
Renault car radio precode
precode with Renault disassembly
precode with Renault disassembly

Once removed, on the back of the radio is a self-adhesive label, your precode must begin with "T0" and then be followed by a letter and three digits example V943.

How to enter the Renault car radio code?

  1. Turn on the CD or cassette player.
  2. The display should show 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.
  3. Press the 1, then 2, 3 and 4 keys several times until each digit of your code appears on the display.
  4. Press and hold key 6 to activate the code in the radio system.