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Here are the necessary steps to find your Volkswagen car radio code 

How to remove the VW car radio?

Remove the Volkswagen car radio
Remove the Volkswagen car radio

To remove your Volkswagen radio, you will need unlocking keys. Use them by pushing them into each corner of your radio until they get it out of the dashboard. It is not necessary to disconnect the wires from the car radio because the serial number will be on a label on the case.

Volkswagen car radio without GPS navigation

volkswagen car radio code
volkswagen car radio code

There are different types of Volkswagen car radio labels and it is very important to find the right serial number in order to receive the right Volkswagen pin code. It is very easy to find the serial number of your Volkswagen, it will start with "VWZ", an example is "VWZ1Z2B1234567".

Volkswagen car radio with GPS navigation

volkswagen car radio navigation code gps
volkswagen car radio navigation code gps

If your car radio is a VW navigation system, it will have the number "7" on the 6th digit of your serial number, example "VWZ1Z7B1234567". The serial number is also engraved on the car radio casing if the label is torn off or unreadable.

How to enter your Volkswagen pin code

The most common problem when entering VolksWagen stereo pin code is the "SAFE" error displayed on the screen. In this case, press "Scan" and "Mode" for about 5 to 10 seconds. Your radio will now allow you to enter a code and display "1000".

Entering the pin code is easy for example for code 3462 :

  1. Press button " 1 " three times to display a " 3 " in the first column,
  2. Press button " 2 " four times to display a " 4 " in the second column,
  3. Press button " 3 " six times to display a " 6 " in the third column,
  4. Press button " 4 " twice to display a " 2 " in the fourth column.

By checking on the screen that the code "3462" is correctly displayed, press and hold "Scan" & "Mode" to enter the code into the system and your radio will operate again.

All codes are unique and never change, so if this happens in the future, enter the same code, the radio will unlock again and again.