Volvo is aware

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The priceless and unique Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damne, alias of his real name Jean-Claude Van Varenberg, calls himself The Muscles from Brussels (note, for the sake of comprehension, that the language used by JCVD will be in italics in this article) and has little in common with Volvo except that it is strong. The most conscious actor in the universe has remained famous for his great deviation in crushing the glaouis without sparing you.

Here is the new muse of the Swedish manufacturer, JCVD himself and as always, he reacts to the quarter turn by doing his famous split (The Epic Split in this commercial) to praise the Dynamic Steering technology, which allows a better directional stability. If JCVD doesn't break a nut with his buttocks in this video (nor a Volvo for that matter), it's clear that at 53 years old, he's in great shape and doesn't have his brain back in his head as it did during his great conscious period.

Of course, we can't miss a statement from the most muscular Belgian so here's what he said during the shooting of this video:

"I've had my ups and downs, travelled cross roads and faced headwinds, and that's what made me the man I am today. Now I stand before you. What you see is a body sculpted to perfection, legs designed to defy the laws of physics and a state of mind capable of mastering the most impressive gaps. »

Note that according to Volvo, Jean-Clode's perf' was made without any trickery, this man being a special effect all by himself. For if there is one thing that will not be taken away from Van Damne, it is his performance and his physique... for want of his unfailing intelligence....